Liffré Junior teams – Tournament in Guernsey

The weekend of the 24th of May 30 youth players from Brittany made their way to take part in the International Youth Gaelic Football tournament in Guernsey.  Of those players 24 were from the Liffré youth section and regional partners such as the schools of Pierre-de-Dreux at Saint-Aubain-du-Cormier and Gandhi of Fougères.

Les équipes Bretonnes lors du tournoi de Guernesey

Youth teams from Brittany at the Guernesey tournament

Double victory for Brest

This tournament, the second leg of a 4 tournament series between clubs from Brittany and the Chanel Islands welcomed 9 youth teams to participate in two tournaments; under-12 and under-15.  The under-15 competition was composed of 6 teams of which 4 were from Brittany (Fougères, St-Aubin Violet, St-Aubin Rouge, and Bst-aubinrest) and the two teams from the Channel Islands; Jersey et Guernesey. The format was a round robin tournament with matches of 2 x 7 minute halfs.

Phil Cornilleau and Olivier Kowarski managed the teams from Fougères and St-Aubin-du-Cormier as well as two members of the Liffré senior team – Bruno Durocher and Gaëtan Danet.

It was a very pleasant tournament with a level of play that was quite good and close competition throughout.  A good level of engagement, with at times a play a bit too rough by the Chanel Island teams, but with good collective team work and the application of technic learned from the Liffré coaches.

In the final the team St-Aubain (Reds) finished in second place behind the team from Brest who won all of their matches.  The second team from St-Aubain (Violet) finished 4th and the team from Fougères 5th.F

For the under-12 tournament, no participation by a Liffré based team, was also won by the club of Brest who were able to defeat the teams from Jersey and Guernsey

English immersionE15_6441

Sunday morning, the teams returned to the pitches of Blanchelande College for a training session in English.  Even after a long day for the tournament, the young players were more than happy to lace up their boots for this sessions.  The session was separated in two categories according to age and run by the coaching staff of Guernsey.  A great chance for the kids to hear some English while playing the sport they love.

The morning session was completed by a challenge competition striking for points where the best players were rewarded for their skills.

A signficant success that needs to be repeated

The weekend, complete with an intense tournament took place with a great ambiance that significantly pleased all the coaching staff present.  New friendships were forged with the hope that this gathering will be repeated in the coming years to build upon these contacts and with the hope one day these players will find their place among the respective senior clubs.

Next meeting for the clubs

On the 13th of June Liffré will host its third international youth tournament of Gaelic football.

School teams :


Gabin, Pierre (US Liffré), Logan, Maxime
Killian G., Killian T., Alexandre, Maël

St-Aubin rouge

en haut : Axel, Alexis en bas : Brieg, Alvin, Lois, Chris, Maxime

Axel, Alexis
Brieg, Alvin, Lois, Chris, Maxime

St-Aubin violet

de gauche à droite : Kiriann, Yvan, Thibaut C. (Unlucky Luke), Thibaut B., Adrien, Louis, Brieg, Garcio

Kiriann, Yvan, Thibaut C. (Unlucky Luke), Thibaut B., Adrien, Louis, Brieg, Garcio (US Liffré)

and not forgetting Noa (the daughter of the Liffré coach) who played with the under-12 team from Brest..

Final results of the tournament :

Under 15 :

St Aubin Violet 13 (3-4) – 12 (2-6) Fougères
Brest 22 (7-1) – 7 (2-1) Jersey
St Aubin Rouge 10 (2-4) – 4 (1-1) Guernesey
St Aubin Violet 3 (0-3) – 7 (2-1) Jersey
Brest 12 (4-0) – 7 (1-4) St Aubin Rouge
Fougères 13 (3-4) – 9 (2-3) Guernesey
St Aubin Violet 12 (3-3) – 9 (2-3) Guernesey
Brest 20 (6-2) – 11 (2-5) Fougères
St Aubin Rouge 4 (1-1) – 3 (0-3) Jersey
St Aubin Violet 12 (3-3) – 18 (6-0) Brest
Jersey 3 (0-3) – 10 (3-1) Guernesey
Fougères 7 (1-4) – 11 (2-5) St Aubin Rouge
Fougères 6 (1-3) – 8 (2-2) Jersey
St Aubin Violet 5 (1-2) – 16 (4-4) St Aubin Rouge
Guernesey 13 (4-1) – 17 (5-2) Brest


1. Brest 10 pts (5 wins, 0 losses)
2. St-Aubin Rouge  8 pts (4v. 1d.)
3. Jersey  4 pts (2v. 2d.)
4. St-Aubin Violet 4 pts (2v. 2d.)
5. Fougères  2 pts (1v. 4d.)
6. Guernesey  2 pts (1v. 4d.)

Under-12 :

Brest 10 (3-1) – 5 (0-5) Jersey
Brest   10 (2-4) – 1 (0-1) Guernesey
Guernesey 2 (0-2) – 11 (2-5) Jersey
Brest   9 (1-6) – 3 (1-0) Guernesey
Brest   8 (2-2) – 8 (1-5) Jersey
Guernesey 6 (1-3) – 20 (5-5) Jersey


1. Brest 7 pts (3 wins, 1 draw, 0 loses)
2. Jersey  5 pts (2v. 1n., 1d.)
3. Guernesey  0 pts (0v. 4d.)