Final Weekend Brittany Championships 2015

Saturday 25th of April, the first place team of Rennes will welcome the reigning champions of 2014 Liffré who this year find themselves in second place behind Rennes by one point, to decide the Champions of Brittany for 2015 in a winner-take-all final match of the season.  The other match of Division 1, also held at Rennes the same day, will feature Lorient against Nantes in a battle for third place.


Photo of both Liffré and Rennes taken during the final match between the two clubs for the 2012-2013 season that saw Liffré take the title after a hard-fought battle that was won in extra-time.

As for the two previous seasons the clubs of Liffré and Rennes will meet on the 25th of April for the final match of the season that will decide who will be Brtianny Champion in 2014-2015.  In the seasons 2012-2013 (at Vannes) and 2013-2014 (Ploumiliau) it was Liffré who came out on top of two highly contested matches that were not decided until the last minute.  This year, its the club of Rennes, playing at home who anxiouxly await to take on the seven-time champions.

On Saturday the 18th of April, Rennes (4-14) defeated Nantes (1-7) in the rescheduled 3rd round match in the 1st Division of the Brittany Championship.  In doing so, Rennes retake their hold of first place in the standings with a one point lead ahead of second place Liffré.  Thus the whole season will come down to one match on the 25th of April at the Bellagnerais pitch where the Wild Geese of Rennes and the Wild Boars of Liffré will meet to decide the title.

On the Liffré side of things, no siginficant absences (apart from a long-term absence by players such as Rault, Le Garrec et Carro), coach Olivier Kowarski will be counting on a full squad in an attempt to win an 8th consecutive title for the club. To win the title Liffré has a tough battle ahead as they will need to defeat Rennes at Bellangerais, something the club has never accomplished.  In addition, the team from Rennes defeated Liffré at the tournament hosted by Rennes on the 4th of October and the two clubs finished in a tie during the tournament in Vannes on the 8th of November.  It should be noted that in the event of a draw this weekend, Rennes will be declared champion due to its one point advantage in the standings.  Only victory against Rennes would give the Wild Boars the title.

In addition to the title match, a fight for third place in the 1st Division of Brittany is also up for grabs.  In the other match to be played on the same pitch on Saturday will see Lorient take on Nantes.  The winner of this match will take third place and will qualify for the French Championship of the Elite section to be held in Guérande on the 13th of June.

Liffré calls upon all of its supporters to encourage the club on this last day of the season and support their efforts for a title to be won at Bellagnerais!  The match will take place at 1pm (Lorient-Nantes) and at 3pm (Rennes-Liffré)

The standing of the Brittany 1st Division prior to the last round:

1. Rennes, 29 pts
2. Liffré, 28
3. Nantes, 19
4. Lorient, 18
5. Guérande, 14

A win gives 4pts, draw 2 pts, loss1 pt, forfited match 0 pt, Guérande gets a bye on the last day of the season.

 Current standings and results