The squad



The team attending at the Rennes tournament, in october 2014.


From the top to the bottom and from the left to the right:

Loïc BERNIER, Olivier KOWARSKI, Nicolas PENOT, Augustin POUYE, Nicolas MOLAC, Bruno DUROCHER, Quentin LAJOIE, Antoine THOMET, Jordan BRISSE, Jérémy BERLIERE, Pol-Ewen RAULT, Lucas LE GARREC, Julien BAUDY, Gwenaël MALO

Antoine BOTREL, Rémi LABARBE, André PAQUIN, Jean THOUMELIN, Thomas LE COZ, Simon CARRO, Thomas LE MAU, Jean MOSSET, Jérôme NICOLAS, Laurent AYMARD, Gaëtan DANET