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Liffré Junior teams – Tournament in Guernsey

The weekend of the 24th of May 30 youth players from Brittany made their way to take part in the International Youth Gaelic Football tournament in Guernsey.  Of those players 24 were from the Liffré youth section and regional partners such as the schools of Pierre-de-Dreux at Saint-Aubain-du-Cormier and Gandhi of Fougères.

Les équipes Bretonnes lors du tournoi de Guernesey

Youth teams from Brittany at the Guernesey tournament


Liffré win second competition of the year

The Wild Boars of Liffré defeated their rivals from Rennes in the Brittany Cup final with a score of (6-9) 27 – 22 (3-13).  In doing, Liffré take hold of their second title of the season (Championship winners and Cup winners) and have now completed this feat for the third time in their history after pulling off the double in 2012 and 2013.  


The Wild Boars 2015 Brittany Cup winners!


Liffré once again Champions of Brittany

The Wild Boars of Liffré defeat the club of Rennes on their home pitch and win their eighth consecutive title of Brittany Championship, winning their ninth in total.  Victory for Liffré (6-9) 27 – 20 (4-8) at the stade Bellangerais where up to this encounter the team from Rennes had been undefeated.


Liffré become Brittany Champions for 2015 winning their final match at Rennes.